Gold Archival Media | Protect Your Investment For a Lifetime

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Gold Archival Media | Protect Your Investment For a Lifetime

We know the last thing you’re probably thinking about in your wedding photography or videography decision is the physical media, but there is a very real reason to give pause and consideration to delivery methods and options: Longevity.

My grandfather was a photographer, and the stacks of prints and films he passed down are a precious archive of memories that go back for more than a hundred years. The collections you treasure may be smaller than mine, but I’m sure they include weddings and family portraits that date back several generations. As photographers, both still and motion, we view our work as the preservation of memories. That includes an archival process to make sure your great grandchildren have a chance to see how happy you were on your wedding day.

Unfortunately, here is a very scary fact: the archival life of common modern day delivery archives have a lasting shelf life of 10-15 years. I wish this were an exaggeration, but it’s not. The most common options for delivery of your pictures and video are online cloud storage, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, hard drives, and flash thumb drives. Every one of these options are the modern equivalent to the floppy disk. After a period of 10 years, you will not likely have access to a computer capable of connecting to the device and will need the help of a specialist. In the case of cloud storage, the companies and their services are very unlikely to last beyond this timeframe as well. What this means is that in order to make sure your digital photos and videos will be available 60 years in the future, you are likely to have to move them to a new medium no less than 6 times! Even more frightening is that natural data decay and environmental impact (moisture and heat) cause most every common storage option to lose data before the 15 year mark.

We’ve lost a lot of sleep over this problem. It is our job to make sure we capture your most memorable moments, and it is also our job to archive them in a secure, long-term media that will involve minimal upkeep. As with film reels and VHS tapes, there will be a point when only a specialist can transfer the images to modern day equivalents — holograms maybe? — but 60 years down the road, if you want to access your video we will have failed you if the data is no longer there.

There are only two viable options for sleeping safe and sound, and they are 24-karat gold-plated Archival DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Unlike the common disc you can buy at Office Max (with a 5-15 year retention time), archival grade DVDs and Blu-Ray discs have a 100-200 year lifetime. By using a combination of gold-plated recording surfaces, weather-proof sealing, and scratch-resistant coating, companies like Delkin, JVC, and Falcon Media have created the ultimate digital storage option, and have earned seals of approval by the US Library of Congress.

For all of these reasons and more, The Girl Tyler only uses “the gold standard” when it comes to delivering our work and your memories. There’s a tech-geek version of this information with bar charts, graphs, and molecular formulas, but we think you get the picture!

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