Anna and Rob

Anna & Rob
June 29, 2013
Virginia Beach United Methodist Church
Shifting Sands

Want to start your week off with a Love Story Film that will leave you grinning? We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to help yourself watching Anna & Rob’s – their wedding day was SO much fun! These two have a wonderful sense of humor and oh so much love for each other. You’ll also get some serious dancing (both grandmas rocked the floor) and swords, which makes any film more awesome. Sending hugs and congratulations, glad you’re finally together in sunny CA!

Special thanks to all the amazing vendors we worked with:
Jingles Bridal Salon
Leigh Skaggs Photography
Astro Entertainment Photo Booth
Music by Spectrum
Cake by Plaza Bakery
Leslie Hartig Floral Design
Coach Blizzard Tours
Behind the Veil
Long Jewelers (Jim McEwen)


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